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TTT the Ebook is a collection of informative & inspiring revelations that will transform you from hurt, regretful, & broken to being progressively on the path to overcoming all of the pain of your past. We all have Trauma, we all have Triggers, and we all have experienced Toxicity. The toll that these 3 T’s take on us emotionally adds up over time and eventually you’re too old to reverse the curse because you’ve become to set in your ways.

Healing isn’t just for you. It’s for God. It’s for your family and your future family. It’s for your purpose. It’s for your peace and for your joy. It’s time to make healing a priority. I don’t know if you went through something that broke your heart or if you just want to heal from the pain of your past that was caused by your family. But either way. It’s time to win the battle over Trauma, Triggers, Toxicity starting now!!

Purchase this easy yet deep read and watch God move emotional mountains in your life today.